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Simplify your business trips by signing a contract with us or sending us an order form. You will receive an invoice once a month with a specification of all the journeys made - date, time, route, price, passenger's surname. We offer additional discounts on larger monthly transport volumes.

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Book now for a fast and comfortable transport experience with professional drivers. No more hassle with traffic and parking. Get your transport at your fingertips.


We also offer the possibility to advertise on various interior and exterior parts of vehicles or on tablets (image or video format). The visibility and conspicuity are exceptional because the frequency of vehicles in the cities is very high. We are always where most people are.

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For more than 30 years, Slovenia's most affordable and reliable carrier to get you around.
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In Slovenia, abroad and to airports with over 300 air-conditioned vehicles.
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We offer new and better deals on a range of services and experiences.
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